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After 18 years as one of the leaders and most powerful promoters of pressurized natural gas vehicles, Honda Motor Co. this week said it's discontinuing its line of CNG Civics.

The business attributed the move on inadequate propane fueling a deficiency of buyer interest and infrastructure, stating it had offered just 16,000 such autos because it started supplying them in 1998

Natural gas infrastructure is an issue throughout all of the nation, but is much less of a concern in Oklahoma, where Oklahoma Gas Co. and retail merchants such as OnCue Communicate and Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores have started tons of community refueling stations during the state.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to offer a vehicle when it can be supported by merely a number of parts of the country.You can check out information right here on Al Lamb Dallas Honda The Best Motorcycle Dealer Dallas Honda's committed CNG Social is most practical in areas which have many local stations, while the number of CNG channels is expanding nationwide. Outside of Southern-California, Okla and parts of Colorado, Utah and Texas, you'll find few such locations.

As opposed to Ing Lamb's Dallas Ford, in Oklahoma, you can find restrictions to driving a dedicated Civic. I've had one to get a little more than a couple of years. I take pleasure in the car and also the fuel savings it provides. But it can require specific planning.

Before this month, I drove my Social to Dallas and again. On the return trip, the station I intended to stop at was shut. So I had enough gas to allow it to be 30 miles down the trail to the next community pump and barely came back to the highway. In all of the country, channels aren't spread actually that near together.

The committed CNG-only automobile functions for me since I use it mostly as a car. Al Lamb\'s Dalls Honda I rarely leave the Okla City metro area, which will be home to 2 1 CNG stations. If I am going everywhere else, I generally just take my wife's gas-powered SUV.

However, for lots of people, also CNG advocates urge bi-fuel vehicles that can run on gasoline or CNG. Drivers of the vehicles may take advantage of the lower-listed CNG when it is accessible, but do not have to worry about contacting a tow-truck if the CNG pump that is nearest is off line.

As most aftermarket conversions retain the gas method intact when they add a CNG choice Al Lamb's Dallas Honda isn't affected. General Motors has announced plans for a bi- Chevrolet Impala after this season beginning.

Stillwater-based OnCue Express provides CNG of its channels at 16, with 8 more CNG websites in the pipeline or under-construction. The retailer said most of its business is from delivery fleet vehicles and pickups.

"The marketplace is ramping up for the heavy-duty semis," said Scott Minton, OnCue's CNG business development manager. "That is where the industry continues to be planning over the past few years since more of these vehicles are on the road."

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